Sunday, January 24, 2010

Review: Kristy's Big Idea (BSC #1) by Ann M. Martin

Title: Kristy's Big Idea (Baby-Sitters Club #1)

Author: Ann M. Martin

Pages: 153

Challenges: Read 'n' Review challenge


When Kristy Thomas watches her mother call all over town trying to find a babysitter for her younger brother, she comes up with a great idea: Start a baby-sitting club so parents can reach several babysitters at once. She invites her two best friends, and one new arrival to town, to join the fun.

My Two Cents:
I had not read this book since I was probably 7 or 8 years old. It has been sitting back on the library shelves, taunting me, ever since I moved the entire BSC series from the library I closed back in August. I was such a horrible BSC addict when I was a kid -- I had nearly every book (Although I think most of them have since been sold), and I watched the short-lived television series at every opportunity -- but I wanted to re-experience the first book as an adult.

It's easy to understand why the BSC became such a successful series with pre-teen girls in the early 1990s. The characters are so real and relatable that it would be difficult for any girl reading the books not to find someone with whom they can identify. This even becomes easier as the series progresses and new members of the BSC are added. I always identified with Mary Anne, and even more than 15 years later, I still do!

Although the dialogue is a bit tedious at times (There's a lot of, "Okay, great!" and "Yeah" responses in conversation), Martin actually pretty closely mimics the flow of a real conversation. The story flows well, the characters unfold pretty easily and Martin sets the basis for one of the most-beloved juvenile series for girls of all time. I'm so glad that Scholastic has agreed to re-release the books so that a new generation can experience the fun of the BSC.

My rating: 9/10


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