Friday, May 7, 2010

Review: My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions by Becca Wilhite

My Ridiculous, Romantic ObsessionsTitle: My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions

Author: Becca Wilhite

Pages: 181

Source: Publisher, via Goodreads

Rating: 9/10

Challenges: Read 'n' Review Challenge

First Sentence: "Mom pulls her new toy, a talking GPS directions-thingie up close to her eyes."

Summary (From back of book):

Yes, this is a girl-meets-boy story, but the boy is totally hot while the girl is, at best, average. (Except for my wild, Medusa-curls. Ugh.) And yes, there is a misunderstanding, and a villainous outlaw, and a timely confession of love ... well, okay, fine. It's totally a romance novel. But please note, there is no scantily-clad woman on the cover wilting into the arms of a muscular pirate; I'm not that kind of girl.

I'm a normal, everyday girl. And I can't understand why Ben -- who is hot as a Greek god -- wants to be my friend. Is it because we both play the guitar? Like the same flavors of ice cream? Laugh at the same jokes? Or does he want to hang around strictly so I'll help him with his homework? I hope not because I've been there, done that, and gotten burned. Not interested, thanks.

But I am interested in Ben. He's a real gentleman -- a true romance novel hero. (It's like Mr. Darcy signed up for my art history class.) Is it possible that this is the real thing? Or have my ridiculous, romantic obsessions gotten the best of me -- again?

My Two Cents:

I love it when young adult novels are funny and engaging without having all the profanity, sex and illicit behavior that seems to make them so "in" right now. Wilhite writes a great book with believable characters, but those characters don't have to act the way everyone thinks teenagers act -- with foul mouths and sex on the brain -- for them to capture your interest.

Sarah is a college freshman trying not only to adjust to living on her own, but also figuring out why the cute guy in her art history class, Ben, seems interested in her. Sarah is one of those friends I know I had in high school -- She's smart, and she's confident about some things, but her own perceptions of herself stop her from seeing herself for what she really is. She's your typical rather insecure teenager who has her shining moments of belief in herself, but she was far from stereotypical. I loved her as a narrator. The only problem I had with her was that she seemed to need to be reassured of her own worth a little too often, but that's also how a lot of teenagers think.

Wilhite's writing is to-the-point and clear. This was a super-easy read; I think I finished it in a couple of hours' time. She's also very funny. I found myself laughing out loud at a lot of points. On the same token, though, she has a knack for writing awkward teenage situations, and those moments had me cringing.

If you're looking for a good, clean, funny young adult read, this is the book for you.


Jan von Harz said...

Lovely review. I had to laugh at the summary because I just did a review and I introduced it by saying the novel was more than a boy meets girl love story, which is not my forte. This sounds like another one that I would probably enjoy!

Aarti said...

Aww, this sounds fun. I am not sure it's one I'll be reading, but I'm just happy to know that there are normal girls who get hottie boys :-)

Kals said...

The book summary makes me want to read the book, as does your lovely review:)

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