Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review and Blog Tour: No Hope for Gomez!

No Hope for Gomez!Title: No Hope for Gomez!

Author: Graham Parke

Pages: 188

Source: Pump Up Your Book Promotion

Rating: 8/10

Challenges: Read 'n' Review Challenge

First Sentence: "Blog entry: Woke up fresh and early but still didn't make it to work in time."

Summary (From back of book):

It's the age-old tale:

Boy meets girl
Boy stalks girl
Girl already has stalker
Boy becomes her stalker-stalker

We've seen it all before, many times, but this time it's different. If only slightly.

When Gomez Porter becomes a test subject in an experimental drug trial, he is asked to keep track of any strange experiences through a Blog. What Gomez isn't ready for, is so many of his experiences suddenly seeming strange; the antiques dealer trying to buy his old tax papers, his neighbor boiling salamanders on his balcony at midnight, the super sexy lab assistant who falls for him but is unable to express herself in terms outside the realm of science.

But when one of the trial participants turns up dead and another goes missing, Gomez begins to fear for his life. No longer sure who he can trust and which of his experiences are real and which merely drug induced illusions, he decides it's time to go underground and work out a devious plan.

My Two Cents:

When I first opened the book, I wasn't so sure what to expect, as it's written entirely in blog posts from the narrator, Gomez.  The concept sounded interesting, but also potentially really, really odd, so I was a little skeptical.

What I found was one of the most humorous books I've read in a while.

Gomez is one of those modern characters who are really popular in corporate fiction -- The guys disenchanted with the way they need to make their money, so they try to do as little as possible during the day. He owns an antique shop that was passed down to him, but he knows and cares nothing for antiques, and customers seem to just annoy him. A new neighbor moves in downstairs, and the man pushes a manuscript for a book onto Gomez. Gomez does everything he can think of to tell the man he hates his book, from boiling salamanders on his balcony to running away from the neighbor, but he doesn't get the hint.

The only thing that bothered me at all about the book was, at one point, the narrative jumps forward a few weeks. Since we're reading this entire book through a series of blog posts, we mainly get a few entries in a single day, narrating a lot of minutiae. But, when it comes to showing the passage of a few weeks, we get, "Over the next couple of weeks our relationship strengthened." Not exactly the most elegant way to show a time passage, but not a huge deal, either.

It's really difficult to describe or evaluate this book because it is just off-the-wall enough, so suffice it to say you just need to read it to believe it. I really liked it!

About the Author:

Graham Parke is responsible for a number of technical publications and has recently patented a self-folding map. He has been described as both a humanitarian and a pathological liar. Convincing evidence to support either allegation has yet to be produced.

No Hope for Gomez! is Graham’s fiction debut. You can visit his website at www.grahamparke.com.


Aths said...

Whoa .. this book sounds pretty good! I've been interested in this one for a while.. glad that you liked it in spite of the minor issues.

GParke said...

Actually, I was told to incorporate at least one minor issue; no one likes a perfect book, apparently :) Thanks for the interest.

Jenners said...

Sounds interesting ... and weird, in a good way. Now I need to work on turning my blog posts into a book!

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